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Goldin V.I.

The Great War: Considerations a Hundred Years Later. P. 5–14

Kondreskul А.М.

Northern Rus in the Appanage Period. P. 15–21

Komissarov V.V.

Science Fiction Fan Movement in the Provincial Soviet Town in the 1980s (Exemplified by “Aelita” Fan Club in Ivanovo). P. 22–27

Kryakin Е.N.

Political Migrants in Moscow in the 1920s – 1930s. P. 28–33

Kharitonova Ya.E.

Literary Activity of the Orthodox Mission to Convert Samoyeds to Christianity (1825–1830s). P. 34–40

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Kondreskul А.М.

The Political History of Russia and Its Regions as an Important Area of Research. P. 41–47

Mazur О.G.

Political Elite Recruitment in Modern Ukraine. P. 48–57

Selivanov А.V.

Problems of Science in the Knowledge Economy and Society. P. 58–63

Tyurikova I.I., Golomidova P.S.

Experience of the Arkhangelsk Region in Establishing an Intercultural Dialogue: Is Deliberative Multiculturalism Possible in Russia? P. 64–73


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Conjunction Means of Russian-Speaking Children Aged from Two to Three Years: A Longitudinal Study. P. 74–83

Ladokhina О.F.

On the Modern “Odessa Text”. P. 84–89

Muratova Е.Yu.

Specific Features of Inter-Word Relations in the Poetic Text. P. 90–94

Terebikhina I.Yu.

Vertical Context – Polylogue. P. 95–101

State Management and Law. Economics

Angadaeva Е.V.

To Accounting Aspects in Logistics. P. 102–107

Guseva N.М.

Analysis of the Russian Government Procurement: The Systems Approach. P. 108–117

Evmenov N.V.

The Mechanism of Overcoming Administrative Barriers to Stimulate the Economic Growth. P. 118–122

Mashinskaya N.V.

Ensuring Active Involvement of Teachers and Psychologists in Pre-Trial Juvenile Criminal Proceedings. P. 123–130

Pedagogics. Psychology

Alekseeva K.V.

The Use of E-Learning in Teaching How to Solve Stereometric Problems. P. 131–137

Butorina Т.S., Mikhashina А.S., Zaozerskaya S.V., Novikova V.N.

The Popular Ideal of Northern Woman (a Case Study of Ethnopedagogical Ideas in the Arkhangelsk North and Sweden in the 19th – Early 20th Century). P. 138–146

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Activation of Speech Activity of Foreign Students Mastering Grammatical Phenomena. P. 147–152

Nizovtseva L.А.

Student Teaching in Primary School Teacher Education: Experience, Problems and Prospects. P. 153–159