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Volkov V.S.

The Life and Work of the Natural History Teacher B.E. Raykov in Arkhangelsk in 1941–1945 (Humanitarian Aspect). C. 5–12

Pavlushkov А.R.

The Study of Law Offence by the Orthodox Clergy in Russian Historiography. C. 13–20

Shushval N.А.

Care for the Church in Traditional Orthodox Rites (Based on the Materials of the Vologda Province, Second Half of the 18th – Early 20th Century). C. 21–25

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Dementyev I.А.

Trust Radius of the Rural Population in the Arkhangelsk Region. C. 26–31

Lyakhova Ya.Yu.

Corruption as a Result of Alienation. C. 32–36

Mokshin V.K.

Modernization of Present-Day Russia in the Focus of Political Sociology. C. 37–44

Nazarenko А.P.

The Projective Situation of Rural-Urban Migration: Adaptive Resources of the Rural Population of the Arkhangelsk Region. C. 45–50


Bochkarev А.I.

Functional Transposition of Speech Acts in Narrative Text Segments. C. 51–55

Vorobyeva O.I.

Creator of the Nenets Alphabet and System of Writing, First Nenets Linguist and Translator – Anton Pyrerka. C. 56–60

Egorova Е.V.

Types of Dialogue Organization in Political Discourse (Exemplified by the German Language). C. 61–65

Ladokhina О.F.

“One Inch of Joy Surmounts of Grief a Span…” (The Comic in “Odessa Texts” of Russian Writers). C. 66–73

Khakhalova S.А., Tretyakova Е.V.

The Current State of Metaphor Studies in European Linguistics. C. 74–83

Yudina Т.М.

On the Phenomenon of Parallel Word Formation in the Mining Industry Terminology of the Early 18th Century. C. 84–91


Nikolaeva Е.V.

From Rhizome and Fold to Fractal. C. 114–120

Okunev Yu.P.

Innovative Technologies in Local Government. C. 121–127

State Management and Law. Economics

Derbin V.М., Shirnin Yu.А., Derbin М.V., Ponomarev D.V.

Monitoring of Certification Processes Exemplified by the Enterprises of JSC Solombalales Managing Company. C. 92–99

Dolgoborodova Yu.Yu.

The Principles of Civil Legislation of the Soviet Union and Its Republics of 1961 (Historical and Legal Aspect). C. 100–103

Stroganova О.L.

On the Principles of Sentencing. C. 104–108

Shilovsky S.V.

On the Place of modus operandi in a Crime and Elements of a Crime. C. 109–113

Pedagogics. Psychology

Anoshina Т.V., Pushkina V.N., Zelyanina А.N.

The Dynamics of Personality Characteristics in Female Students with Scoliosis. C. 128–136

Tarasova N.I.

Developing Master’s Degree Programmes in Translation/ Interpretation: Russian and Foreign Experience. C. 137–143

Titarenko N.S.

Design and Implementation of Special Learning Conditions Aimed to Develop Variability in Different Kinds of Creative Activities of Primary School Children. C. 144–151

Academic Life

Goldin V.I.

The European North and Cross-Border Dialogue in Expanding Europe. C. 152–153

Dregalo А.А.

The Labyrinths of Human Socialization. C. 154–155

Ulyanovsky V.I.

The Civil Humanism of P.A. Sorokinʼs Sociological Concept. C. 160– 165