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Vsevolodov А.V.

District Clergy Assemblies and Boards of Guardians for the Poor Parish Clerics in the Vologda Eparchy (1860s–1870s). C. 5–10

Guseva М.А.

The Control and Police Powers of the Town of Cambridge and the University in the 13th Century. C. 11–14

Davydov R.A.

Views on Marine Ecology in Norway-Russia Relations (Late 19th – Early 20th Century). C. 15–22

Isupova K.B.

Regionalism in Northern Europe as a Factor of Cooperation with the European Union. C. 23–27

Ryabichenko А.V.

Success of the Swedish Democrats as an Element of the Swedish Party Political System Transformation. C. 28–31

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Vinyukova А.K.

Platonic Name and Lekton: “Correctness” and “Indifference”. C. 32–35

Darenskaya V.N.

Traditional Culture as a Source of Existential Experience. C. 36–43

Kashkina L.V.

The Role of the Main Enterprise in the Social Space of “Mono-Town” (Based on a Sociological Research Conducted in Novodvinsk). C. 50–56

Ioyleva G.V.

Image in the Structure of Consciousness. C. 44–49

Pospelova О.V.

Intersectionality Approach in Social and Political Theory. C. 57–64

Tokar N.О.

Some Aspects of Youth Participation in the Political and Social Life of the Arkhangelsk Region. C. 65–70


Astakhova T.N.

Manifestations of Evidentiality and Authority in German Mass Media Texts. C. 71–75

Malysheva N.V.

Lexico-Semantic Parallels Between the Yakut and Uyghur Languages. C. 76–80

Smirnova N.S.

Theoretical Bases of Intercultural Competence Formation in the System of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. C. 81–87

Filimonov V.V.

Folklore and Beliefs of the Komi People in “Proceedings of the Arkhangelsk Society for the Study of the Russian North”. C. 88–94

Shafranskaya E.F.

The Mythology of Kazan in Adel Khairov’s Prose. C. 95–103


Sedova Т.А.

Imaginative-Semantic Role of Tonal Support in Rachmaninoff’s The Miserly Knight. C. 128–132

State Management and Law. Economics

Vilova M.G.

The Right to a Fair Trial: European Standards and Russian Traditions. C. 104–110

Trunina E.V.

Positive Administrative Procedures of Russian Customs Authorities. C. 111–119

Usmanova R.М.

Municipal Legal Regulation: The Scope and Limits. C. 120–127

Pedagogics. Psychology

Koshkina Е.А.

Classification of Didactic Terminology in Domestic Pedagogics. C. 133–140

Kunash М.А.

Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects of Forming Cognitive Competence in Older Teenagers. C. 141–146

Shilova О.N., Lebedeva M.B., Elpatova O.I.

The Changing Character of Information Resources for the Training of Secondary Vocational Education Specialists. C. 147–153

Academic Life

Goldin V.I., Bestuzheva K.G.

Historical Science and Education in Contemporary Debates. C. 154–163