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Abdusalamov M.-P.B.

Administration of the Shamkhalate of Tarki in the 17th–18th Centuries. Pp. 5–11.

Zaretskaya О.V.

Soviet-Norwegian Relations and Transformation of Norway’s Image in the Soviet Press in 1971–1985. Pp. 12–17.

Smirnova V.V.

Population of the Regional Centres of the European North of Soviet Russia in the 1920s. Pp. 18–22.

Suzdaleva Т.R.

Soviet Empire or a Commonwealth of Nations? Pp. 23–30

Shubin S.I.

Workday Unit as a Measure of Labour and an Instrument of Its Stimulation (1930–1966). Pp. 31–37.

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Kirillov А.N.

Political PR and Social Communication. Pp. 38–42.

Morshchikhina L.А.

Internet Practice in Research and Education: Philosophical Aspects. Pp. 43–49.

Podoplekin А.О.

Research Structures Supporting Arctic Policies of Foreign Countries. Pp. 50–62.

Tamitsky А.M.

Information Security as a Factor of International Relations in the Arctic Region. Pp. 63–70.


Denisova T.N.

The Poetic Style of Nikolay Kolyada. Pp. 71–74.

Kovtun N.V.

The Mythology of Searching for Truth in L. Ulitskaya’s Early Works. Pp. 75–84.

Nelyubin L.L.

Fundamentals of Translation Course Structure Based on Linguistic and Didactic Principles. Pp. 85–90.

Petrov А.V.

Conceptualization of the Image of the Russian North in the Poetry of Olga Fokina. Pp. 91–98.

Romashina О.Yu.

Objectivation of Emotional Constructs in Modern English. Pp. 99–105.

State Management and Law. Economics

Egorov V.V.

Christianization of Russian Jews in the First Quarter of the 19th Century. Pp. 106–109.

Myakshin V.N.

Methodology of Balanced Assessment of Investment Attractiveness of a Region. Pp. 110–108.

Pedagogics. Psychology

Durkin P.K., Lebedeva M.P.

Formation of Students’ Individual Physical Culture. Pp. 119–125.

Kalinnikova L.V.

“Double Poor”: Human and Family Resources. Pp. 126–134.

Ladoshkin N.А.

Organizing Intellectual Potential Development of Schoolchildren in Extracurricular Activities: Problems and Solutions. Pp. 135–140.

Makarova О.Yu., Kudryavtsev Yu.M.

Good Manners of Students as a Criterion for the Efficiency of the University’s Educational System. Pp. 141–147.

Rau Е.Yu., Sevastyanova Е.V.

The Study of Emotive Intonation Development in Preschool Children with Vision Disorders. Pp. 148–153.

Snegurova V.I.

Training of Online Teachers in the System of Multilevel Education. Pp. 154–158.

Academic Life

Podoplekin А.О.

The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue and Environmental Protection. Pp. 159–160.

Reviews and Bibliography

Goldin V.I.

A General and Politician Against the Background of the Russian Turmoil and in the Space of Time. Looking Through a Century. Pp. 161–163.

Index of the articles published in the journal in 2013. Pp. 164–168.