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Версия для печати

Goldin V.I.

Dialogues in the Arctic. Pp. 5–13.


Vorobey А.P.

Transformation of Administrative and Territorial Division in the Euro-Arctic Region of Russia in the 1920s–1930s: Objectives and Results. Pp. 14–22.

Ezhov А.О.

Development of Large-Scale Production of Titanium Ingots in the Urals (Mid-1960s to 1990). Pp. 23–29.

Ermakova Е.Е.

Folk Medicine of the Izhma Komi People Living in the Lower Ob Area: Transformation Factors and Actualization Mechanisms in Modern Conditions. Pp. 30–35

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Dregalo А.А., Ulyanovsky V.I.

Modes of Spatial Identity of Inhabitants of the North. Pp. 36–43.

Muzalevskaya-Zharkova G.M.

Existential Psychology Under the Conditions of Anthropological Crisis (Exemplified by R. May’s Psychotheology). Pp. 44–47.

Poluektov А.А.

Mythological-Religious Space of the Northern Region. Pp. 48–52.


Bodnaruk Е.V.

The Role of Modal Verbs in Expressing Future Meaning in the German Language. Pp. 53–59.

Droga М.А.

Compound Names as a Product of Individual Word Creation. Pp. 60–67.

Loktev Е.V.

Impersonal-Genitive Sentence in the Syntax of the Modern Russian Language. Pp. 68–72.

Prudnikova А.V.

The Problems of Identification and Classification of Jargon Interjections. Pp. 73–77.

Sidorov V.А.

Totality of “Mass Culture” and Value Dominants of Journalism Education. Pp. 78–84.

State Management and Law. Economics

Belitsyn V.N.

Self-Regulating Organizations as an Anti-Corruption Institution. Pp. 85–93.

Sushko O.P., Zalyvsky N.P.

Price Prediction as an Instrument of Managing the Economy of Pulp and Paper Plants, Industry, and Complex. Pp. 94–100.

Pedagogics. Psychology

Guk А.М.

Physical Education in Comprehensive Schools of Soviet Ukraine in the 1920s. Pp. 101–106.

Lysakova Е.N.

Social Functions of Russian Aviation Psychology. Pp. 107–112.

Nuzha I.V., Shchemeleva I.Yu.

Reading-to-Write Approach in English for Academic Purposes. Pp. 113–121.

Radionova N.F.

Development of Multilevel Training in Russian Teacher Education. Pp. 122–128.

Soldaeva М.V.

Formation of Mathematical Concepts Based on the Holistic Approach. Pp. 129–132.

Stefanova N.L.

Research Part of the Teacher Education Program. Pp. 133–139.

Academic Life

Terebikhin N.M., Khudyaev А.S.

The 9th Pomor Readings on Cultural Semiotics “Geo-Ethno-Cultural Panorama of Northern Eurasia: Images, Symbols, Local Myths and Texts (to the 20th Anniversary of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region and the 1150th Anniversary of Slavic Writing)”. Pp. 140–146.

Reviews and Bibliography

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