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Pomor and Norwegian Trapping on Svalbard in the First Half of the 19th Century. Pp. 5–12.

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Kargopol Customs Books of the 17th–18th Centuries. Pp. 13–19.

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Educational Level of the Adult Population in the RSFSR During the Great Patriotic War. Pp. 20–23.

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

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Radicalization of the Phenomenological Method in Michel Henry’s Philosophy. Pp. 24–27.

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Subordination of Psyche and Consciousness. Pp. 28–34.

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Conceptual and Operational Model of Investigation of Sacred Space. Pp. 35–39.

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Social Protest at the Regional Level. Pp. 40–48.


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Studies of Online Identity in Foreign Linguistics. Pp. 49–56.

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Non-Standard Vocabulary in the Texts by Regional Press. Pp. 57–61.

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The Mann Family Chronicle and Its Interpretation in Thomas Mann’s Novel Buddenbrooks. Pp. 62–66.

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The “Arctic” Story Zavolochye by Boris Pilnyak. Pp. 67–74.

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Language Policy Issues in the Regions of the Russian Federation Inhabited by Finno-Ugric Peoples. Pp. 75–82.


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Ethnocultural Meanings of Children’s Musical Traditions (Exemplified by Lullabies). Pp. 105–109.

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Archaic Heritage Within the Landscape-Topographical Semiosphere of the Northern Town. Pp. 110–115.

State Management and Law. Economics

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Efficient Use of Secondary Resources in Oil and Gas Industry Economics (in Terms of Associated Petroleum Gas Utilization). Pp. 83–89.

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Administrative and Legal Status of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 90–96.

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Spatial Organization of Regional Economy Under the Development of Arctic Hydrocarbon Resources. Pp. 97–104.

Pedagogics. Psychology

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Efficiency of Computer-Based Training. Pp. 116–121.

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Features of Interdisciplinary Concepts Formation. Pp. 122–125.

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Personal Resources as a Determinant of Adaptation Strategies of Rotational Workers in the Far North. Pp. 126–133.

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Integrative Criterion as an Indicator for Evaluating the Efficiency of the University’s Educational System. Pp. 134–138.

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Peculiarities of Formation of Universal Cognitive Learning Actiоns (Exemplified by Comparison). Pp. 139–146.

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Introduction Course on Physics in Technical Universities as a Necessity. Pp. 147–150.

Academic Life

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Russia, European North, Special Service. Pp. 151–153.

Reviews and Bibliography

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