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Historical Preconditions for the “Human Dimension” of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. Pp. 5–10.

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Memoirs: Between the Nostalgic Myth and Unbiased Description (Exemplified by Memoirs of Sulfat). Pp. 11–19.

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“Purge” in the State Council on 1 January 1917 and the Crisis of Autocracy. Pp. 20–28.

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The Status of the Russian Orthodox Church and Practice of Ecclesiastical Punishment in the Second Half of the 17th – Early 18th Century. Pp. 29–37.

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Vinogradov A.I.

Social Subject in the Light of the Principle of Complementarity. Pp. 38–44.

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Communicative Features of Manifestation of Fundamentalist Religiosity. Pp. 45–49.

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Social Transcendence of Art and Social Transcending of Art Type. Pp. 50–56.

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The Role of Self-Fulfilment in Overcoming Alienation of One’s Professional Activities. Pp. 57–60.

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Object and Discourse in Historical Cognition: Ontological and Gnoseological Aspects. Pp. 61–66.


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Cultural Factor in Translation: Syntactical and Stylistic Aspects. Pp. 67–72.

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Interpretation of a Media Text as an Instrument of Implicit Persuasion. Pp. 73–77.

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Russian Nonritual Songs of the Letka Komi in Comparative Aspect. Pp. 78–82.

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Image of a Good Husband in Paroemias (Comparative Aspect). Pp. 83–87.


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Dual Model in the Musical Culture of the Russian North. Pp. 115–119.

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Mechanisms of Forming Sociocultural Space in the Mezen Area. Pp. 120–123.

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Reconstruction of the Image-Symbolic System of the Arkhangelsk Temple Space. Pp. 124–131.

State Management and Law. Economics

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Geopolitics of Russia's National Interests in the Arctic Region During the Economic Recession in the Arctic Countries. Pp. 88–96.

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Public Control in Contemporary Russia: Legal and Organizational Problems. Pp. 97–103.

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The Current Global Economic Crisis as an Opportunity to Rethink the Economic Theory. Pp. 104–107.

Tarayko V.I.

Analysis of Personality of an Environmental Offender. Pp. 108–114.

Pedagogics. Psychology

Gladkaya I.V.

Designing a Final Exam for Bachelor’s Degree Students Based on the Competence Approach. Pp. 132–138.

Eroshenkova E.I.

Teaching Conditions for Students’ Educational and Professional Self-Fulfilment in the University’s Learning Environment. Pp. 139–145.

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Approaches to Modeling Continuing Professional Education at the Federal University. Pp. 146–151.

Academic Life

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North, the Arctic and the Barents Region: Past, Present and Future. Pp. 152–153.

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Russia’s Arctic Strategy: Estimates, Issues and Problems of Implementation. Pp. 154–160.

Reviews and Bibliography

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