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Akhsyanov А.V.

Seasonal Work of the Yaroslavl Province Peasants in the 2nd Half of the 19th – Early 20th Century: Motivation. Pp. 5–10.

Beloborodova I.N.

Public Initiatives for Modernization of the Fishing and Hunting Management System in the European North of Russia (to the Problem of the Civil Society Formation in the Late 19th – Early 20th Century). Pp. 11–21.

Gonchar M.I.

Supply Expenditures for the Military Service Office of the Ust-Sysolsk Uyezd of the Vologda Province in the 1870–1880s. Pp. 22–26.

Silin А.V.

The Initial Stage of Establishing Labour Reserves on the Eve of World War II (on the Materials of the European North of Russia). Pp. 27–35.

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Ganina S.А.

Features of Russian Philosophical and Religious Views on the Nature of Children’s Religiousness (Socio-Philosophical and Legal Aspects). Pp. 36–39.

Danilov S.D.

Social Sphere Informatization as One of the Conditions for Its Modernization. Pp. 40–43.

Dregalo А.А., Ulyanovsky V.I.

The Image of the North: Productivity of Visual Models and Reality. Pp. 44–50.

Nasonova N.P.

The Barents Region – an Example of Successful Innovative Development. Pp. 51–56.

Chelovenko Т.G., Chudaeva Е.А.

Peculiarities of Orthodox Religiousness in View of Neo-Patristic Theological Synthesis. Pp. 57–62.

Sharacheva R.M.

On the Activities of National Cultural Organizations of the Udmurt Republic. Pp. 63–67.

Yurlova М.D.

Political Power and the Problem of Judgement in Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy. Pp. 68–72.


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Grammatical Means of Expressing Future in a Newspaper Text. Pp. 73–79.

Isaev S.G.

The Principles of Text Organization in A. Schopenhauer’s Works. Pp. 80–85.

Stolyarova Е.V.

Structural-Semantic Features of Slogans in Bank Advertising. Pp. 86–90.

Shchipitsina L.Yu.

Coherence of a Website as a Multicoded Text. Pp. 91–98.

State Management and Law. Economics

Abramov V.G.

Features of Illegality of Environmental Legislation Violations (Theoretical and Criminal Law Aspects). Pp. 99–104.

Plotnikov А.А.

Public Control and Its Potential in Resistance against Corruption. Pp. 105–111.

Smetanina М.G.

Foundations of the American Model of Market Relations and Its Development after the Crisis. Pp. 112–116.

Pedagogics. Psychology

Dorofeev S.N.

Individual Learning Path as a Means of Implementing the Person-Centered Approach. Pp. 117–121.

Kopeykina Т.Е.

P.F. Lesgaft in the History of Domestic Pedadogical Science. Pp. 122–127.

Savishcheva Т.V.

Factors of Professional Adaptation of Young Lecturers – Graduates of Nonpedagogical Higher Education Institutions. Pp. 128–131.

Smirnova Т.Yu.

The Content of Education of the Future Foreign Language Teachers: History and the Present. Pp. 132–138.

Academic Life

Goldin V.I., Troshina Т.I.

Doctoral Dissertation Research – to the Level of Modern Requirements. Pp. 139–152.

Koval S.А.

Multi-Level System of Higher Education: Establishment, Problems and Prospects. Pp. 153–155.

Reviews and Bibliography

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Searching for an Objective Understanding of the History of the Russian Civil War. Pp. 156–160.