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To the History of Church Periodicals of the Russian North: "Arkhangelsk Eparchial Vedomosti" and Its Editors. Pp. 5–9.

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Settlements of Norwegian Manufacturers on Novaya Zemlya and the Crisis in Russian-Norwegian Relations in 1909–1910. Pp. 10–17.

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Formation of Worship of Isidor "Fool-For-Christ" of Rostov. Pp. 29–35.

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Social Environment of the City: Terminological Aspect. Pp. 36–39.

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The Russian-Swedish Union Treaty of 1812 and Norway’s Role. Pp. 40–48.

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

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Problems of Territorial Public Self-Government Institutionalization (as Exemplified by the Arkhangelsk Region). Pp. 49–53.

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New Institutionalism and Social Changes Theories. Pp. 54–59.

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Self-Government Financing Problems in Russia and Great Britain. Pp. 60–64.

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Landscape Worlds of Philosophy: Pomor Landscape and Continental Philosophy. Pp. 65–72.

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Youth Parliamentarism as a Subject of Politological Analysis. Pp. 73–76.

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Nordic Mythology as a Source of Knowledge about the Arctic Homeland. Pp. 77–82.


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Etiquette Competence as a Reflection of Cross-Cultural Communication Ecology. Pp. 83–87.

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Political Chat and Political Interview: Comparative Analysis (on the Example of the German Language). Pp. 88–91.

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Key Word "Face" and Its Lexical Environment in Artistic Texts by A.I. Kuprin. Pp. 92–96.

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Arkhangelsk in the Writings of M.F. Istomin. Pp. 97–103.

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The Motif of "Discord" in Dramatic Works by V. Belov. Pp. 104–108.

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Occasionalisms in the Poetry of Olga Fokina. Pp. 109–115.

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Features of Arkhangelsk Role-Play Gamers’ Self-Representation: to the Problem of Modern City Oral Tradition. Pp. 123–126.

State Management and Law. Economics

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Labour Potential and Lifelong Education. Pp. 155–160.

Tarutin А.P.

Statization and Destatization of Insurance in Russia. Pp. 161–167.

Pedagogics. Psychology

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Stages of Development of Foreign Communicative Behaviour at Foreign Language Lessons. Pp. 127–131.

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Training of Engineering University Students For Research Activity. Pp. 132–137.

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To the Question of Continuity of the Students’ Training Aim in Domestic Higher Education in the 19th – First Third of the 20th Century. Pp. 138–142.

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Features of Professional Development of Teachers in Realization of Preschool Education. Pp. 143–146.

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Simulation Modeling of Training Process Management Systems. Pp. 147–154.

Academic Life

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The Barents Euro-Arctic Region and Russian-Norwegian Relations: Historical Experience, Present Time, Prospects. Pp. 170–172.