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Версия для печати

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I Wish the Scientific Journal of the Arctic University Interesting Topics, Relevant and Important Projects. Pp. 5–8.

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The New Scientific Journal: Traditions and Innovations. Pp. 9–13.


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Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

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Several Approaches to Handling the Matter of Leadership within the Frame of Political Power. Pp. 49–55.

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Spiritual and Intellectual Space of the Arctic Region: Concept, Structure and Forming Factors. Pp. 67–79.

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State Management and Law. Economics

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Pedagogics. Psychology

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Psychological Features of Gender Identity Development in Youth. Pp. 146–151.

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Media Literacy as a Key Competence of Modern Specialists: Components and Content. Pp. 152–158.

Academic Life

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300th Birthday Anniversary of Lomonosov in the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 159–164.

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Economic Science and Education – New Challenges. Pp. 165–166.