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Astashov A.B.

Military Courts in the Petrograd Garrison on the Eve of the February Revolution. P. 5–15

Davydov R.A.

Fyodor Voronin and the Rescue of the Expedition That Discovered Franz-Josef Land. P. 16–26

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Role of the United States and the Soviet Union in Settling the Regional Armed Conflict in Afghanistan (1979–1989). P. 27–36

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Language Policy of the Arctic Regions of Russia in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries. P. 37–50

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Leningrad Volunteer Ski Battalions During the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939–1940. P. 51–61

Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

Arinin E.I., Mil’kova A.V.

Religious Studies Aspects of Self-Presentation in the Old Believers’ Literature. P. 62–73

Zvereva P.K.

Socio-Philosophical Analysis of the Concept of the Rule of Law. P. 74–81

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Didactic Function of Sacred Images in Byzantine Theology During the Iconoclastic Period. P. 82–89


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Identity, Memory and the Realms of Memory in Contemporary French Prose About World War I. P. 90–96

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On the History of the English Concept of the Gentleman. P. 97–102

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Set Phrase Modifications as Wordplay in Spanish Advertising Discourse. P. 103–110

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Polysemy and Homonymy in Medical Terminology (Based on English and Russian Nosological Terms). P. 111–120

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The Use of Old Texts for the Study of the Vocabulary of Modern Russian Dialects (Exemplified by the Folk Geographical Vocabulary of the Don River Area). P. 121–129

Academic Life

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The Arkhangelsk Region in the Geopolitical and Regional Space of the North and the Arctic (Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Students Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Arkhangelsk Region). P. 130–132

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“Men’s” and “Women’s” in Politics, Professional Activity and the Private Sphere. P. 138–141