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Congresses of Russian Leaders in Technical and Vocational Education and Their Role in Skilled Personnel Training. P. 16–22

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Philosophy, Sociology, Politology

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Development of Crisis Trends in Public Consciousness in a Transforming Society. P. 30–37

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Why Is the Cultural-Historical Theory by Lev Vygotsky Important Today? P. 38–46

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Legal Aspect of Social Anomie. P. 47–52

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The Problem of Good and Evil in the Book of Revelation by John the Apostle. P. 53–61

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Politics, Ethics and Communication. P. 62–69

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Programming of Performing Actions in Cognition: Content, Types, Role and Place in Metacognition. P. 70–77


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General Theoretical Basis for Studying the Concept of Leadership. P. 99–103

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Development of Figurative Meanings of Old Russian Verbs with the Etymological Root *-lei-. P. 104–109

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Reflection of the African American Dream in Political Discourse (Based on M.L. King, Jr’s Speech “I Have a Dream”). P. 110–115


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Semiotics of the Sacred Space of Oshevensk Surroundings. P. 140–147

State Management and Law. Economics

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Establishment of Rational Environmental Management at Oil Field Development in the Arctic. P. 116–124

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Guaranteed Rights of a Juvenile Delinquent’s Legal Representative During Criminal Case Initiation. P. 125–129

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Conflict of Interest of the Head of an Entity Within the Russian Federation. P. 130–134

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Pedagogics. Psychology

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Issues of Primary Education Quality. 148–156

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The Prospects of Using Crowdsourcing for Teachers’ Professional Development. P. 157–162

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Value Component and Its Impact on Professional Identity Formation in Students of a Railway Technical School. P. 163–171

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Enlightening Activities of M.I. Sibirtsev – a Teacher, Researcher and a Priest from Arkhangelsk. P. 172–177

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Testing Creativity by Means of Content Analysis of the Text Created by the Subject. P. 185–192