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“Spiritual Securityˮ in the Context of Understanding Religiosity within Religious Studies. Pp. 50–54.

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Section: Philosophy, Sociology, Politology




Arinin Evgeny Igorevich, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Vladimir State University (Vladimir, Russia) 

Chudaeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Postgraduate Student, Faculty of Philosophy, Orel State University (Orel, Russia)


Spiritual security issues involve turning to religious studies with its many years of experience, expertise and methodology for addressing issues of interfaith relations. Historically, religious studies was formed as a comparative study of religions, without dividing them into "true" or "false" ones, as a study of free personal choice. Religious studies can serve as a study of "relating to the mysterious" (Luhmann) and "hermeneutic approach" (Geertz). Only the culture of academic dialogue is capable of resisting totalitarianism, extremism and radicalism trying to use religion as their instrument.


spiritual security, religious studies, dialogue.

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