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Professor Olaf Broch – an “Agent” of Russian Influence in Norway? (a Glimpse of the Russian-Norwegian Cultural and Sociopolitical Relations in the Early 20th Century). Pp. 5–15.

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Section: History




Karelin Vladimir Anatolyevich, Murmansk Institute of Economics, Branch of Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economics (Murmansk, Russia)


The article deals with unknown facts of the Russian-Norwegian sociopolitical relations in the early 20th century, connected with professor of Slavic languages Olaf Broch. The author finds out that Olaf Broch had a close cooperation with the Russian liberal movement (particularly, with P.N. Milyukov) and assisted Konstantin Gulkevich, Russian envoy to Christiania, in trying to influence Norway’s public opinion in favour of Russia during World War I.


history of Russian-Norwegian relations; cultural, academic and sociopolitical ties in the early 20th century; World War I; Russian Revolution.

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