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“I Did It Because I Was Deluded and Poorly Informed About the Soviet Government…”. P. 139–144

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Section: Reviews and Bibliography


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Vadim V. Mikhaylov
Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation;
ul. Sevast’yanova 4, kv. 102, St. Petersburg, 196105, Russian Federation; e-mail:


The review gives a high assessment of the new book by Vladislav Goldin, doctor of history, professor of the Department of Regional Studies, International Relations and Political Sciences of Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, honorary scientist of the Russian Federation. The circumstances that led to pilot Stepan Butakov’s joining the British expedition to Arkhangelsk in the summer of 1918, his subsequent trial and execution in 1927 and rehabilitation in 1992 clearly demonstrate the tragic fate of the person who was thrown in the political turmoil of those game-changing periods in Russian history. Being based on numerous archival sources and personal interviews with Butakov’s descendants, Vladislav Goldin’s research significantly contributes to the reconstruction of the objective picture of the complex issues in the history of the Civil War in the North of Russia, helps to overcome the split and re-establish the spiritual unity of Russia.


S.I. Butakov, Civil War in the North of Russia, Allied intervention in the North of Russia, Imperial Russian Navy, White Cross
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