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“Historian” A.V. Ishin and His “Contribution” to the Russian Study of Crimean History. P. 134–140

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Section: Reviews and Bibliography




Vadim V. Mikhaylov
Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation 15 Gastello St., St. Petersburg, 190000, Russian Federation; e-mail:


This review analyses both merits and demerits of A.V. Ishin’s monograph and assesses its scholarly importance. The author of this review comes to the conclusion that Ishin’s research is negligent and unprofessional. Ishin attempts to reconstruct the history of Soviet Crimea without turning to the funds of the Russian State Archives of Sociopolitical History (RGASPI), State Archives of the Russian Federation (GARF), or Russian Émigré Community. He also ignores most important issues of state formation in the Crimea: the ethnic and military ones, uses inappropriate terms and fails to take an objective approach to the facts. In addition, the chapter “Historiography” fails to mention key works on the topic. Thus, the reviewer concludes that A.V. Ishin cannot be accepted in the Russian academic community as a doctor of history.


Russian Revolution, Russian Civil War, history of Crimea in the 20th century, White movement, Red Terror
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