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Rural District Assemblies in the Transbaikal Region (Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries). P. 14–19

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Section: History




Zalyubovskaya Tatyana Alekseevna
Postgraduate Student, Buryat State Agricultural Academy named after V.R. Filippov (Ulan-Ude, Russia)


The paper analyzes the work of rural district (volost) assemblies in the Transbaikal region in the late
19th – early 20th centuries and presents the various points of view on their functions and responsibilities.
Their holding, participants and the issues discussed at the assemblies were studied. The author shows
how the institutions on peasant affairs influenced the formal side of the organization of these assemblies.
The most significant issues in the economic, social, political and cultural spheres addressed by the
rural district assemblies were identified. On the basis of archival materials the author reconstructed the
actions of the assemblies in various situations. In addition, the author attempted to define the role of the
rural district assembly in the peasant government and people’s lives.


rural district assembly, rural district elder, spokesmen, peasant government
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