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On the Phenomenon of Parallel Word Formation in the Mining Industry Terminology of the Early 18th Century. C. 84–91

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Section: Philology




Yudina Tatyana Mikhailovna
Institute of Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk, Russia)


The article dwells on the methods of monolexemic term formation. In the course of different historical periods there used to be two ways to form the same monolexemic terms within the developing mining industry term system. During the early period (15th – 16th centuries) the terms were formed by affixation or stem addition with affixation; in the later period (17th –18th centuries) the terms were formed from complex denominations by way of semantic condensation followed by affixation. Thus, the different periods of history witnessed prevalence of different ways of term formation. This phenomenon is called parallel word-formation in linguistics. The distinctive feature of mining industry term system in the early 18th century was its richness in multilexemic nominative units, extensive synonymic rows combining variants of different structure and level.


parallel word-formation, semantic condensation, stem addition, affixation, composed denomination, phrasal denomination, nominative unit, nominative variant, nominative row, synonymic row
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