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“One Inch of Joy Surmounts of Grief a Span…” (The Comic in “Odessa Texts” of Russian Writers). C. 66–73

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Section: Philology


821.161.1; 825.512.145


Ladokhina Olga Fominichna
Institute for Humanities, Moscow City Teacher Training University (Moscow, Russia)


The paper analyzes the nature of the comic (“carnival”, “comic mask”, etc.). “Odessa texts” written by such twentieth-century authors as I. Babel, V. Kataev, I. Ilf and E. Petrov are compared to the works by F. Rabelais, A. Daudet, G. Chesterton and M. Cervantes. The author investigates the elements of carnivalization, observing the categories of humour, irony, comic situations and mocking elements in Odessa Tales by Babel, The Golden Calf by Ilf and Petrov and A White Sail Gleams by Kataev. The paper describes the style of the Odessa writers, whose works display vivid traits of the carnival motif: in the Odessa Tales it is seen in the life of Moldavanka; in The Golden Calf – in the commotion at the Chernomorsk Film Studio No. 1; while in Kataev’s narrative the revolutionary carnival is represented by the May Day outing on the boats.


humour, “Odessa text”, irony, parody, carnival
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