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Existential Psychology Under the Conditions of Anthropological Crisis (Exemplified by R. May’s Psychotheology). Pp. 44–47.

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Section: Philosophy, Sociology, Politology




Muzalevskaya-Zharkova Galina Mikhailovna Faculty for Philosophy, Orel State University (Orel, Russia)


The article highlights key manifestations of the anthropological crisis and proves it necessary to reconsider the traditional European anthropological model which regards the human as a combination of several elements. The author believes that overcoming this “dismembered” man model is one of the key tasks of modern science. This can be achieved with the help of existential psychology approach, namely, R. May’s psychotheology which emphasizes the value of human existence.


anthropological crisis, anthropological model, human integrity, existential psychology, R. May’s psychotheology, ontological characteristics.

The full-text version of the article can be requested through the university’s library.


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